Marmite Houmous is here! Will you love it or hate it?

Marmite Houmous is here! Will you love it or hate it?

Marmite has teamed up with many partners in recent times creating a range of Marmite crisps, cashews, breakfast biscuits, rice cakes and more recently peanut butter.

Now it’s the turn of the nations’ favourite dip – houmous.  Smooth, creamy, silky houmous has been blended with the salty, umami savouriness of the nations’ most controversial spread. Creating a product that has whipped up a frenzy on social media.

Marmite houmous is perfect for dipping, spreading, dunking or scooping. Eat it on toast, as an afternoon snack, or in the evening with a mezze dinner.

With such loyal fans of both Marmite and Houmous, it was important during the nine-month development of the product that we got it just right. From the design of the packaging echoing the iconic black glass jar, to perfecting the level of Marmite added to the product. And Freshpak are proud to have partnered with Unilever to bring the product to market. We’re enjoying reading the feedback on social media as Marmite and Houmous fans alike discover the new taste.

Love it or hate it, it’s now available in Tesco at £1.50 for 200g.

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